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Above the Clouds

Covalent Partners 
 Extensive experience & collaboration

Highly experienced team investing in leveraged credit and special situations across multiple economic cycles.  Substantial collaboration and time together at Covalent Partners.

Bill Benjes

Managing Principal

Bill Benjes brings over 30 years of investment experience to his role as Portfolio Manager.  Bill started his career as an equities trader in the early 1990s, eventually joining high-yield bond specialist DDJ Capital Management in 1997 and finally residing at Covalent Partners in 2009. ​ Bill lives in Lexington, MA with his wife, two kids, and his dog, Auggie.  He enjoys staying active with tennis, golf, and chasing Auggie around and he is also passionate about sitting on the couch watching the Bruins.

Brett Lamonda

Managing Principal

Brett Lamonda brings over 16 years of investment experience to his role as Portfolio Manager.  He started his career in 2007 in Fidelity's high-yield bond group before joining Covalent Partners in 2010. ​Brett was born and raised in Vermont, where he resides with his wife and three kids.   He likes staying active and spending time with family.  Locals question his Vermont credentials since he doesn't hunt or fish, rarely drinks Heady Topper, and he can barely ski his way down a green trail.

Bill Panteleakos

Director of Trading & Operations

Bill Panteleakos brings over 22 years of industry experience to his role as Director of Trading & Operations.  Bill started his career at Amundi Pioneer (Pioneer Investments) before finding himself at Covalent Partners in 2007. ​Bill lives in Massachusetts with his wife and two boys.  They live active lives, especially in the winter when they can be found skiing throughout the East and West.  Despite his New England roots, Bill is a Miami Dolphins fan, so cut him some slack.

Robert Hockett

Founder and Senior Adviser

Bob Hockett founded Covalent Partners in 2005. Bob began his extensive investing career in the 1980s before moving to high-yield bond specialist DDJ Capital Management in the 1990s and then ultimately founded Covalent Partners in 2005. ​Bob lives in Massachusetts with his wife.  He enjoys riding his bike, traveling, spending time with his three daughters, and oxford commas.  You may find him globetrotting in search of the Northern Lights.

Michael Hensen

Chief Financial Officer (E78 Partners)

Michael Hensen is a Chief Financial Officer for E78 Partners and serves as our outsourced financial officer. Michael brings over 18 years of experience in hedge fund administration and management. Prior to joining E78, Michael served as Head of Operations and Senior Vice President at Apex Fund Services. His vast responsibilities focused on managing various hedge fund administration, accounting and operations, in addition to leading the client service management team for Apex’s Charlotte office.

Gail Mattera

Chief Compliance Officer (E78 Partners)

Gail Mattera is a Chief Compliance Officer for E78 Partners and serves as our outsourced compliance officer. Gail brings over 19 years of compliance and accounting experience with a focus on alternative investments. Prior to joining E78, Gail was a Fund Controller at Sandalwood Securities in Roseland, NJ. She joined Sandalwood in 2010, and was responsible for deliverables associated with Sandalwood’s accounting, audit, compliance and operational due diligence activities.

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